Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

Getting my Feet Wet

Getting my Feet Wet

Hey! I'm back. The past week has been exciting, not because I'm doing something I haven't done before, but because I'm learning to unlearn patterns and relearn them in a new way. Honestly, it has been challenging. I never expected unlearning to be this difficult, but I'm happy I'm getting started with high momentum, and I hope to maintain this high spirit through my learning path.

In this article, I will share how my first week on the Full-Stack Bootcamp has been. The introduction to new concepts, brushing up on old ones, and code challenges that got my brain hooked for hours. Just stay put; I promise not to be boring.


Section One

I got started with my course on Codecademy with a brief introduction to programming and what it takes to be a Full-Stack Engineer. I then set up my dev-environment, which I had set up already from my previous learnings.

Section Two

Next was the introduction to the Command-Line system. Although I had previous knowledge of this, the approach was different and was much more in-depth this time. To round off the chapter, I was presented with some quizzes to answer, which helped in concept retention, and finished off with a mini-project to test for understanding the concept.

Section Three

In the next section, I was introduced to the javascript syntax and foundations. Unlike the conventional method that encourages you to learn HTML and CSS before learning JavaScript as a language, this new approach wasn't what I was expecting. This had me recheck my course catalog to make sure I'm still on the intended course path, I'm sold, and I'm more interested in learning more than ever.

With my background knowledge in javascript, most foundational concepts were a walk in the park for me. But, I did learn something new, that in programming, a switch-statement is more efficient than an if/else control statement.

Switch-statement promotes readability. In turn, this eases debugging in case an error occurs. Switch-statement is also faster as it is implemented using a lookup table or a hash list. This means that all items get the same access time, compared to a list of if/else statement where the last item takes much more time to reach as it has to evaluate every previous condition first.

Other foundational concepts reviewed were scope, conditionals, functions, data-types and coercion, loops, arrays, and objects. As a pattern, I was quizzed on what I had learned and a mini-project to certify I could move to the next learning stage.


I'll start my new week with advanced concepts on Javascript objects. I'm still having a hard time wrapping around getters and setters, I'll be researching extensively about the topic, and I hope to achieve more this week. See ya at the end of the week, stay productive.

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