Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

HNGi8 x I4G: Making of Titans

Limitless opportunities, high pressure to deliver based on demand, connection and collaboration with great minds, real-life work experience and expectations. Hey, it's another HNG internship.

Although I'm a bit excited about the possibilities that lie in wait for me if I do this right and, I scale to the finals. But also I'm haunted by my failure to make tangible of the past seasons I have undertaken.

The experience I did acquire from this past season lingered with me and has helped me in working harder and learning more, which I'm ready to put to test in this new season, though a lot of hard work is still needed to scale through.

In my first internship with HNG, my goal was to become a seasoned front-end web-dev engineer, which I started with an HTML course from Traversy Media, followed by an understanding of the need for version control in programming which prompted me to learn how to use Git by tutorial a from freecodecamp in which I was introduced to Github. For interns to be promoted to a new level you were required to learn how to use FIGMA, a design web application. With my prior graphics design knowledge, adapting and learning to use it wasn't a big challenge, though I used a tutorial from DesignCourse to understand its basic usage.

Moving on from my first internship with HNG has left my mind opened to new possibilities which I was ready to pursue, though I crashed out.

Coming back I'm undertaking a new track in backend development using node.js. This, I picked up after deciding that frontend development is not really tailored for me after several failed attempts. These past months have had me preparing myself and expanding my knowledge base about my chosen track, in which I took different courses and executed different projects to solidify my knowledge about Node.js as a language used for backend development. One of the courses that were instrumental in my learning was Mosh Hammedani Node.js Course.

In this HNGi8 x I4G, I hope to broaden my skill set and learn to work under immense pressure, because definitely, HNG is here to put the workload on you. Also, I hope to pick up industry best practices as I collaborate on different projects with other interns and learn to work together as a team. I hope I survive the storm and get ashore, possibly land a job after the internship.

Great thanks to the Zuri Team for their selfless community work in bringing out the best in people and rising stars.

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