Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

It's about TIME

It's about TIME

Hala! you stumbled on my blog or you are here intentionally?

I'm Okikijesu, a wanna be a full-stack developer; I have struggled a lot on my coding path to stay consistent and dedicated to this programming journey.


Speaking in my head: honestly, I really want to be a badass programmer; I want to write codes that make life easier. You can say I'm lazy, though.

In my plight to do things differently this time, I'm taking up a full-stack career path Bootcamp on Codecademy which will span for 6 months.

To make myself responsible and accountable, I will be blogging about my learning every week, I'll share updates on things I learned, I'll rant and just talk about this whole journey.

My goal is to be a competent full-stack developer and a technical writer by the time I'm done with the Bootcamp. This is a big challenge for myself, and I hope to make my 6-month older self proud. I would really like you to follow along with me.

Speaking in my head: Am I really ready to do this? I know I suck at writing; let me not embarrass myself; the entire world is watching. giphy (1).gif

I got this, I can do it

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