Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

Elewude Okikijesu - Developer && Learner

Just A Little Dive

Just A Little Dive

Hey! it's the beginning of a new week and honestly, I am excited to try again this new week. This past week wasn't what I intended it to be, as my time was occupied with extracurricular activities.

I spent the better part of the past week on the road, shuttling between states. This really had a toll on my learning, it weighed me down a little though, but I'm geared up to try again this week and also make up for last week.

Section Five

Screenshot from 2020-11-16 11vf6huijjpkl;-01-21.png Determined to get things moving, I continued with advanced objects in JavaScript, where I reviewed the this keyword, its limitations, relationship between the object this keyword and the arrow function..

After this, I learned about privacy and naming conventions javascript developers use to indicate to co-developers how to interact with certain properties and this led to the introduction of getters and setters.

The next concept (getters and setters) was a bit confusing initially, I wondered why the concept was so important and needed when an object method can do exactly the same thing, this prompted me to do a little research to find out the reason this concept was implemented in the ES5 version of JavaScript, and I will be sharing what I learned through an article later this week.

The final part of the chapter talked about how to recreate multiple objects using factory functions. Features of ES6 were also discussed such as property value shorthand and destructured assignment.


Although I couldn't achieve much this past week, I am heading into this new week with high hopes of accomplishing much more, I will be getting started with mini projects on the object chapter I just finished and I'll progress from there to the succeeding chapters.

I Promise to do more this week, see you around. giphy (2).gif.

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